With involve, we lead and develop people and organizations.

Dynamism and success in your company

involve stands for the successful transformation of medium-sized companies with an international orientation. Our clients are decision-makers who have recognized that such a development process is successful when it is supported by the employees.

Winning, inspiring and clear, we bring in our expertise to lead the transformation process of your company to success together with you. We take responsibility – in general management, sales, marketing and business development – and support you in your international expansion or restructuring.

Involve – /ɪnˈvɒlv/ – from Latin – means to involve and engage people, to promote personal responsibility and to create an environment in which they can give their best. You benefit from our skills in executive coaching and intercultural team leadership, which are particularly valuable in times of change.

At a glance

The offer of involve

Strategy, conception and control of business, sales and marketing

Internationalization, regional and global expansion, and business expansion

Change Management & Executive Coaching

In profile: involve offers ...

International expertise and multicultural competence

... success and sovereignty in business management, sales and marketing


... Analytical approach with a clear focus on results

... experienced implementation competence and a "go ahead" to motivate teams

... Experience and dynamics in change management

... holistic leadership approach: inspiring, authentic and trend-setting

Executive coaching with clarity and empathy

Take advantage of the clear dynamics of success that involve brings to companies that want to grow and develop into new markets or that are facing challenging change tasks.

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