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About Isabel Nitz

With commitment, enthusiasm and vision, we get involved in your projects. You will benefit from our international expertise, our great enthusiasm, extensive experience and a healthy pragmatism. Your expansion and transformation projects are in good hands with us.

Isabel Nitz is founder of involve and also managing partner. Their way of thinking and working, and in particular their experience, are the benchmark for each individual in the “involve team”.


Isabel Nitz is founder and managing partner of involve. Prior to that, she spent more than 20 years in leading positions in corporate groups and medium-sized companies in the IT, mobile communications and building materials supply industries.

Following her training and international business studies, she began her career in international partner sales at the Banking Division of Wincor Nixdorf in Paderborn. She then took on various management positions within Wincor Nixdorf, most recently as Head of Global Sales for the Services Division. Through the establishment and management of various international sales and marketing units, she has extensive experience in distribution management, the establishment and management of local companies, business acquisitions and corporate cooperations. At Cellebrite GmbH, Isabel Nitz took over as business unit manager for Mobile Lifecycle Solutions. At windmöller GmbH, she was responsible for the worldwide business outside DACH as authorized signatory and export manager.

In addition to global growth and expansion programs, her focus is on the restructuring and transformation of sales structures as well as change management and leadership of international teams.

Isabel Nitz is a trained executive coach and sought-after speaker at international conferences and seminars. There she regularly reports on her main topics of leadership, sales management, intercultural communication and much more.

In short...


Entrepreneurial thinking, analytical and goal-oriented


Quick in mind and decisive in action


With creative power, joy and contagious enthusiasm


Personally winning, engaging, supportive and fair


Confident in intercultural communication and presentation

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