Open up new horizons - and successfully tap international markets

Exploiting international opportunities

Involve combines international expertise and multicultural understanding to identify new business opportunities and help you safely navigate cliffs in international business.

Are you looking to expand your business internationally? Is it own growth plans and export opportunities? Or is pressure arising from changes in the markets and the behavior of globally active competitors?

Involve is at your side. In numerous internationalization projects, we have built up extensive expertise to successfully shape this important change process with you.

Strategic success factors for internationalization

An international orientation of the business means a change in very many areas of the company. The focus on international customers requires not only an adapted external appearance to the market, but also a consistent adaptation of the entire organization.

Internationalization inward

The entry into new markets requires a changed set-up of the organization with adaptation of structures, processes and tools as well as active change management in order to successfully carry the transformation inwards.

Internationalization in external appearance

Expansion into new markets requires a clear market entry strategy as well as modular adaptation of the product portfolio, communication campaigns and sales to the respective markets.

Our expertise for your successful internationalization

From strategic market development, to the go-to-market model, to the development of country-specific portfolio adjustments, to recruiting and multicultural team management. We know which levers need to be triggered so that you can hold your own in rapidly changing global markets.

Do you want to take full advantage of your expansion opportunities abroad with the right internationalization strategy? Let’s highlight the benefits and opportunities for your business.

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